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Duck hunting with a Pedersoli muzzleloader and steel shot


 “I had used some larger pieces of driftwood and some bailing twine to tie together a fairly solid frame for a blind, to which I tied a hundred or so willow saplings to build a fairly comfortable and roomy blind.

     That blind just happened to be located at the downriver point of a small island in the river.  The chute that actually made it an “island” is about 3/4-mile in length, and most of the upstream section is so shallow that you can wade across without anything more than a regular pair of water-proof hunting boots.  However, off to the “on shore” side of the blind, that chute runs 2 to 4 feet in depth for about 300 yards upstream from the blind – with very little current at all.  

Right off to the chute side of the downstream tip of the island, there’s a small backwater bay that both ducks and geese like to use…out of the river current.  And that’s where I place a dozen or so mallard drake and hen decoys, and five Canada geese decoys.  Shots are generally less than 30 yards…well within range of the Improved Cylinder right barrel and Modified left barrel of the Pedersoli percussion 10-gauge double. ”

So you want to know more about hunting with a blackpowder shotgun? Please follow this link to this excellent article by Toby Bridges.

Early Season Duck Hunting With The Pedersoli Percussion 10-Gauge Double