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Shooting With Pedersoli’s 1-in-24 Twist .50 Caliber RB-ML Rifle

While the rifle shown here, the Pedersoli .50 caliber No. 209 primer ignition in-line Rolling Block Muzzleloader, may have a very mid to late 1800’s look to it, this rifle is actually somewhat advanced over the vast majority of other .50 caliber in-line rifle models on the market right now.  And, that would be due to the fact that the rifling twist of this rifle’s bore is a snappy 1-in-24 twist … while every other production run in-line .50 caliber rifle comes with a 1-in-28 rifling twist.

So … What Makes The 1-in-24 Twist So Advanced?

At this point, let’s just say that it has long been my contention that we’ve “outgrown” the 1-in-28 rifling twist.  William “Tony” Knight and I came up with that twist back when both the “ultra modern” in-line rifles and saboted bullet concepts were just getting off the ground, during the mid to late 1980’s.  Ever since, the 1-in-28 twist has become the in-line rifle “Industry Standard” – a standard that was entirely based on stabilizing fairly short .44 and .45 caliber handgun bullets … using a plastic sabot … out of a .50 caliber bore.  Since those days … the bullets favored by modern muzzleloading hunters have changed … and so have powders, now much more energetic than the black powder and Pyrodex loads of the 1980’s and 1990’s.  What hasn’t changed all that much, other than the switch to No. 209 primer ignition, have been the rifles – which are still being produced with the 30-year-old 1-in-28 twist.

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Shooting an original 18th century flintlock short rifle

This short video is leading us back to the early days of European flintlock rifle hunting.  The story of a short rifle or “Stutz” made in Bayern or Austria sometime in the 1740s. These rifles were designed with the mounted hunter in mind. Large calibre rifled bore with an elegant waterproof flintlock. What else do you need for a great day at the shooting range?