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Hole in hole accuracy of the new Pedersoli 1854 Lorenz rifle

Dear All,

We always pay attention to each and every minor details of a historical arm when we start reproducing a part of our common history. The development always takes a long time. And when the new firearm is ready we can’t wait till its story is filled with life at the range. Because we make the firearm, but it is you, our shooters, hunters, collectors who fill them with spirit.

The load development of a new arms is always an exciting project. Here is the detailed story of Capandball and our new 1854 Lorenz rifle. He took the time to find the competition level accuracy and developed a load and a bullet, that we are going to offer in the near future for our rifle.

History, showcase and load development for our current Minié bullet:

Experimenting with  a new bullet and finding hole in hole accuracy:

Best regards,

The Pedersoli Team