Pedersoli Charles Moore: Gold medal at the MLAIC Pacific Zone Championships

Dear All,

Here is a short report form an excellent shooter from Argentina: Mr. Andres Gelfo. Andres score a beautiful 98 in Kuchenreuter pistol event with one our Charles Moore percussion pistols. Here is his report wit many useful info:

Well done Andres! Congratulations for the excellent results!

"For the last years I have been a shooter of standard , sport pistol and centre fire pistol. In each of these disciplines I have been national champion in my country Argentina. I also been practising black powder shooting since eight years ago but just for fun.
But in march of this year I decided to take it seriously so I bought a couple of black powder arms, a revolver and a Charles Moore pistol from Pedersoli.
In fact I wanted a le page pistol due to all the medals it scored but it was not available at that time.
So I started working with my Charles Moore.
After some try and error I found a great charge using 17 grains of FFFg black flash powder (available in Argentina) RWS caps , 451 round ball and a .15 mm patch lubricated with Thompson Center 1000 lube.
I also made some test using digital training system. Somehow it was very strange to  use an electronic trainer on a 1830 pistol but I made some interesting finds.
Analysing the statistics I found that I could achieve smaller groups with the trigger set a bit harder near 300 grams.
When I reduced trigger pull the groups become wider.
I concluded that a heavier trigger allow me to have a solid and harder grip of my pistol .
In august 2015  I participated in Mlaic Pacific Zone Championships scoring 98 points in Kuchenreuter R  , the same as pacific zone record and for 2 mm it was not 99.

So I'm really happy with my Charles Moore. And I'm going into a scheduled training for Hungary 2016.
Thanks to the Pedersoli team for the great collection of guns you made available for us.

Andres Gelfo"