Selecting the accurate Minié ball load in 13 easy steps

Pedersoli 3 band Enfield on display
  1. Choose a mold that drops 0,001” bigger balls than the land to land diameter of your bore.

  2. Size the bullet to 0,001” under your land to land diameter.

  3. For slower twist like the 1:72” of the Springfield, 1:78” of the Enfield choose a shorter bullet between 450-530 grains, for faster twists liket the 1:48” of the Enfield 2 band rifle you can go for heavier ones as well.

  4. Choose a mold that drops bullets with deep grease grooves so they can hold enough lubricant.

  5. Choose a soft lubricant, apply it just before shooting.

  6. Use only 100% pure lead for casting.

  7. Weight each and every bullet. Keep the ones within +/- 0,5% weight deviation.

  8. If the skirt is thick go for higher charges to help the bullet base expand.

  9. Never exceed 75-80 grain loads as you can damage the skirt and loose accuracy.

  10. Work up the powder load from 30 grains in 2 grain increments until you have a tight group.

  11. Experiment with the powder type and lubricant, until your group does not open up until at least 20 shots are fired without wiping the bore.

  12. Use the same load for both 50 m and 100 m shooting.

  13. Enjoy shooting one of the best blackpowder firearms ever!

Shooting the Pedersoli High Wall rifle

highwall001John Moses Browning’s first rifle patent. One of the strongest and most reliable single shot designs of all times. 100 m tests.

It’s been 4 years now that the High Wall rifles, originally designed by John Moses Browning in 1878-79 and produced by Winchester from 1885 to 1920 became a member of the Pedersoli family. We offer these rifles in two varations and two calibers: Sporting and Classic vesrions in 38-55 and 45/70 calibers. Here is the 100 m test of the 45/70 version.