Please put a little more drop in the stock unlike your other shotguns. There’re like trying to point a 2 by 4 piece of lumber.

  • Mark Jackaman

    Capable of teaching left AND right handed shooter how to flinch. You should do a nice English 1776 pattern rifle or a Baker or a Ferguson!

  • Ric Carter

    Should be a 20 bore, and get rid of that terrible “checkering”.

  • Bill Iliff

    Please say it’s a 12 ga and right around 7lbs.

  • cyberjim

    I’m hiding my piggy bank on myself now in case this comes in a coach gun-ish size for the dense bush around here. I have been waiting a long time for an SxS flinter that I can maneuver in the thick stuff.

  • That looks like a 12 bore gun to me. It should do very well. For my ducks, geese, swan etc., I much prefer something between 11 and 10 gauge. With good loads any of these will do at close range on even these large fowl.

  • Geomander

    Wow, a double-barrel FLINTlock shotgun of modern production, that would really be something! Let’s hope, it don’t come in such a ‘kiddie-caliber’ like 20 gauge. Or, at least, not exclusively — please give us the option of something bigger; 10 gauge would be nice, 8 would be great ­čśë

  • Mark Infantino

    Awesome! Finally someone building a double barrel flintlock fowler. I would love to see it in 12ga and 20ga with a little more drop in the stock and having some classic checkering and not the basket weave shown. I can’t wait to see the release of it because I will purchase one in a heart beat,
    Great going Pedersoli on this new product addition…two thumbs up.

  • Beautiful……simply beautiful!!

  • Mark Infantino

    I think a wider trigger bow would be more suited to this early style flint fowler which would
    add a lot of appeal to this gun. The current design is more suited to a percussion double gun.
    I have had many original double flints and the trigger bow has always been wide except one
    which was a Parker Field late 1860’s double flint which had a narrow trigger bow.

  • Jerry Buchanan

    is this released yet??

  • Mojo1961

    Looks good. Interchangeable chokes would be awesome. 10, 12 and 20 gauge choices would be great too!

  • NoGrayPonytail7

    Lose the che
    ckering and offer it in 10 gauge. Please?

  • Jay O

    Any updates on this beautiful flintlock double barrel shotgun? I was excited when it was announced and have been optimistically waiting for it. I think this would be a great gun and hopefully a win for Pedersoli. I am very interested and hope it will be available soon.

    • jerry collins

      needs to have regular checkering grip&forend

  • usmusket

    An update please!

  • swathdiver

    Any news yet on this?

  • Alhazred

    Ah yes, a new product for 2017.

    hmmmm I guess I can go an get one now right?

    OPS!!!!! looks like it wasn’t released until
    September 2018
    I mean October
    I mean November
    so sorry I meant to say December 2018

    … sure

    Lets be honest these guns either come out in 2019 or never do.

  • Richard T.

    The Pedersoli Double Flintlock Shotgun, I was/am disappointed with this, I would have thought they would have used better lock design, i.e. something like the Mortimer. Also the trigger guard back swirl, only suits a hand of the right size, as a man with small hands, I’d end up with them cut.
    So in a nutshell, I wouldn’t buy one!

  • Sean

    I’m ready to buy one! I love enough about it to add it to my collection.
    One Question: In one of the videos they say that there will be rifle barrels to go with it.
    Any Idea if they are being worked on?
    I don’t want to buy it until I can get it all together