Muzzle loaders endangered by the EU (press release by FACE)

So you think you see a flintlock historical rifle in the picture? You are wrong. According to some EU bureaucrats this is a dangerous tool of evil that has to be banned in the name of the fight against terrorism…

Source of the article:

“The Dutch Presidency proposed to ban Category D and reproductions of antique firearms, currently not regulated at EU level, while obliging sport shooters to join recognized associations.

June 3, 2016, Brussels – In the name of the fight against terrorism and organized crime, the Dutch Presidency proposed to ban reproductions of antique firearms and deleting the entire category D while imposing repressive regulations on sport shooters.

In its last bid to close the deal before the end of the semester and without the slightest consultation, the Dutch Presidency of the Council aimed at hunters by removing from the text of the Firearms Directive the exception for reproductions of antique weapons (single shot firearms loaded from the muzzle), which are used by hunters in some countries, target shooters, collectors, and for historical re-enactments.

The same restrictive approach is adopted against sport shooters with new constraints on the size of the magazines and introducing obligatory membership of a shooting organization and making it conditional to participation to sports competitions.

Who will believe that the removal of the Category D and the prohibition of reproductions of antique firearms will effectively contribute to the fight against organized crime and terrorism? No report highlighted that reproduction of antique firearms constitute a danger for security and society. Criminals using Kalashnikovs and arms dealers who supply terrorists on the black market will not be affected by these new constraints which exclusively hit honest citizens, legal owners of single-shot reproductions of antique firearms.

The ban of reproductions, will have a relevant economic impact, as these firearms are currently sold in many EU Members States namely France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, an important share of the market. This provision will immediately condemn to bankruptcy several small and medium enterprises and jeopardise the jobs of thousands in the EU. The 12 million legal owners will undergo substantial additional constraints, with a proliferation of new administrative procedures.

In addition the Dutch Presidency seeks to move single-shot long firearms with smooth-bore barrels, alarm and signal weapons, deactivated firearms to Category C. This broadening of the scope of Category C is not justified by any criterion of dangerousness and is therefore not acceptable.

The consequences on administrations cannot be determined in the absence of an impact assessment but are likely to trigger the clogging of national registration systems for the coming years and an increase of administrative costs.

For FACE, these unnecessary and draconian measures will provoke the anger of the 12 million law abiding citizens who will be wondering why the EU does not focus on the real public safety issues such as traceability of weapons, their irreversible deactivation and interoperability of databases.”


  • In order to fight EU ban guns law .. we must send mail to all our representats, (ive done tthis French PResident,Prime minister etc and all European representants..
    They carcely answer our mail .. but we must know we are .. ready to fight

    • Icorps1970

      Won’t work. They are so deep into implementing totalitarianism that it will not be stopped. England is asking people to turn in pointed knives. Whats next? Sharpened sticks? Europe is lost and does not even realize it yet.

  • Pimousse27

    Thank you for joining our fight. It must be heard at all levels, both with our respective national governments, and with our elected representatives and permanent in Brussels.

    Yours friend.
    Hope to hear from you, to see you, hear you, and especially to be with you not to feel isolated in this mission!

  • Paolo

    So, now you wake up maybe? Never a comment when you thought they were attacking only B7? One after the other they will caught everyone if the first fall. Wake up! It’s time you and many other manufacturers “politically correct” do it! And if B7 fall first, you will follow them, before or later! Wake up!

  • Ed Gruberman

    Funny, when I see the terrorist attack, they seem to have automatic weapons. Haven’t seen any flintlocks used lately. Way to go EU, get your priorities straight.

    • Namasu604

      They should just ban terrorism. Or even better, ban people from doing banned things.

  • Michele Lupo

    In Pedersoli country .i.e. Italy real antique firearms are subject to licensing! Replicas can be purchased without a permit while real antiques do require one.This absurdity shows what lobbying can achieve! The EU just wants to remove the “special status” of replicas, period. Pedersoli and Co. should stop whining about the possible loss of this “special privilege” granted only to their products. Support from Pedersoli and the italian manufacturers association ANPAM was non existent when the italian government practically banned all firearms “resembling” fully automatic weapons in 2015. The same group lobbies hard to keep pistols chambered in the most popular caliber in the world, 9×19 (9MM Luger) banned in order to sell them at different prices in 9×21 caliber!

  • Jeremiah Bullfrog

    So how does this keep AKs out ot the hands of terrorists?

    p.s. EU bureaucrats ARE NOT ELECTED…. Europeans need to take their countries back.

  • Icorps1970

    This is what happens when you get to far into the “New World Order”. EU is a precursor to the World Federation/totalitarian/collectivism that has been in planning for a 100 years or more. They will import terrorists to create problems and then use the problems to further oppress and enslave all the citizens in order to “protect” them.

  • Keith

    So stupid. These flintlock pistols are already banned in NSW Australia unless you have a “D” class licence & club membership. So far, antiques are okay, but we are not allowed to “use” them! This is bullshit in regards to combating crime & terrorism, this is all about government control & disarming the populace.