Fallow deer huning with muzzleloader in Gyulaj, Hungary

Left: the guide, Karoly Csapo, Center: the hunter, Istvan Bagi, Right: Balazs Nemeth, chariman of the Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association

Another footage from Hungary about the freshly started new blackpowder hunting season.  This is the first trophy game shot with a muzzleloading rifle in Gyulaj, the fallow deer paradise of Hungary.

Even if someone is not a hunter, I think this short films delivers accurately the culture and inspiration behind hunting with a single shot blackpowder rifle.


More info about Gyulaj, Hungary:  http://gyulajhuntinghungary.com/

If you plan to visit Hungary for a muzzleloading hunt, contact the Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association: hungarian.mla@gmail.com