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Reenactment of the battle of Marengo

Pedersoli was present on this years’s reenactment of the battle of Marengo in Italy to support the reenactors coming from all over Europe.

Battle of Marengo, (June 14, 1800), narrow victory for Napoleon Bonaparte in the War of the Second Coalition, fought on the Marengo Plain about 3 miles (5 km) southeast of Alessandria, in northern Italy, between Napoleon’s approximately 28,000 troops and some 31,000 Austrian troops under General Michael Friedrich von Melas; it resulted in the French occupation of Lombardy up to the Mincio River and secured Napoleon’s military and civilian authority in Paris. (Click here for more info.)

Our compliments to all the reenactors attending Marengo’s battle fighting the tough time under the sun in the dust letting the public live the history.