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Terminal ballistics of the 19th century 45/70 cartridge

One of our rifles in action at the Capandball YouTube channel. The 45/70 cartridge is loaded with black powder and a heavy 520 grain lead bullet. Here is a sketch about the ballistic capabilities of the low velocity heavy bullets of the 19th century buffalo hunting era. Fired from one of our 1874 Sharps Sporting rifles fitted with our 6 power Malcom scope.

Shooting an original 18th century flintlock short rifle

This short video is leading us back to the early days of European flintlock rifle hunting.  The story of a short rifle or “Stutz” made in Bayern or Austria sometime in the 1740s. These rifles were designed with the mounted hunter in mind. Large calibre rifled bore with an elegant waterproof flintlock. What else do you need for a great day at the shooting range?