An outstanding person and a dedicated Pedersoli firearms user

We are proud all of our customers, but there are some times when we we have to look for the words to express how much respect we have for a shooter.

In 2004,  Rhett Brown of Whangaret former NZ Police Officer and construction worker suffered a fractured spine when he fell  3 metres from scaffolding on a construction site – landing on his head!

Rhett is confined to a wheelchair and has full-time medical support, but his disability has not stopped him taking up a new sport of single shot rifle shooting and having recently purchased a Pedersoli Sharps 45/70 Business rifle he is now shooting 2-3 times each week.

We were very happy to assists Rhett’s long range shooting with  providing, through our New Zealand representative Hayes & Associates Ltd, a new forend complete with a Palm Rest.

Rhett loads all his own ammunition and is thoroughly enjoying the sport and is an outstanding example of what can be achieved.