A Study Of Muzzleloading KE by Toby Bridges

Another excellent hunting related article posted by Toby Bridges on http://www.namlhunt.com:

The limited range of traditionally styled reproduction muzzle-loaded rifles of the 1960’s and 1970’s can be attributed to the old-style projectiles of the period.  When it comes to retaining game-taking energy at any real distance, the patched soft lead round ball is the least effective hunting projectile.  Now, this isn’t meant to rekindle arguments with die-hard patched round ball shooters…it’s just a ballistic fact.  Accepting to hunt with the patched round ball, which I’ve done plenty of seasons over the years, is to only take shots well inside of the round ball’s effective range.”

This is the first part of a series of articles covering the ballistics and accuracy of the patched round ball compared to heavy conical slugs. To read more, please click here!


Buck and ball vs Minié ball vs single ball cartridges of the American Civil War

Another interesting experiment from the Capandball guys. This time they compare the accuracy of the single ball and buck and ball cartridges fired from a smooth bore musket versus the accuracy of the Springfield rifle musket loaded with a Minié ball cartridge. Just fun to watch! Capandball is replacing an original Harper’s Ferry musket with a Pedersoli 1798 Austrian, so we also have our share from the show. 🙂