2000 m shot with a Pedersoli Gibbs .45 long range target rifle

Our Gibbs rifle has been successful in international long range shooting matches for many years. A shooter friend of us now took the performance of this rifle to a higher level. Replicating a legendary shot, Johan van Wyk from South Africa seized the challenge to test his own and the rifle’s capabilities at 2 km distance. Here is the report of the shot from Lee Shaver:

Hi Guys, I received this email today from a customer friend of mine in South Africa. He had been in contact with me several times over the last year about wanting to shoot one of your Gibbs rifles to 2000 yards. I helped him out with what information I had on some extreme shots made at Sea Girt in the late 1800’s, and built a special sight riser for one of my tang sights. He warned me this week that he was finally ready and would be soon attempting the shot. As you will see below, they were quite successful and put a very nice shot on the target at 2000 yards. I do not know any further details at this time. I just thought you might be interested. I have met two of the team previously. Johan who made the shot helped run the match for us in SA the last time we had the world match there. Wallace is the big guy with the wild hair and he is the one that organized it. He is a doctor there in SA if I remember right, but he loves buck skinning and historical shooting. Have a great weekend, Lee”