Fallow deer huning with muzzleloader in Gyulaj, Hungary

Left: the guide, Karoly Csapo, Center: the hunter, Istvan Bagi, Right: Balazs Nemeth, chariman of the Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association

Another footage from Hungary about the freshly started new blackpowder hunting season.  This is the first trophy game shot with a muzzleloading rifle in Gyulaj, the fallow deer paradise of Hungary.

Even if someone is not a hunter, I think this short films delivers accurately the culture and inspiration behind hunting with a single shot blackpowder rifle.


More info about Gyulaj, Hungary:  http://gyulajhuntinghungary.com/

If you plan to visit Hungary for a muzzleloading hunt, contact the Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association: hungarian.mla@gmail.com

38 Pedersoli medals at the World Championships – a review by Pierangelo Pedersoli

Pierangelo 05-08We had our fingers crossed for all the shooters participating at the 26th MLAIC World Championships in Granada from 28th September – 5th October. Such a beautiful place to be. The Spanish people are so friendly, and the range’s quality is up to the highest standards. The landscape with the Sierra Nevada in the background is just fabulous.

As usual, Pedersoli was one of the principal sponsors of the event, and to be honest, we are always very proud to support the MLAIC international matches. They represent the highest levels of our loved shooting sport: black powder shooting. We had a booth were showing a reduced line of our products including spare parts , always welcome to the shooters .

Te participants of the World Championships , over 350 representing 24 nations , are all excellent shooters, the best of the best in every country. Winning a medal takes proficiency and tremendous work from the shooter, but it also takes an excellent firearm. Without the wood and the metal, and the expertise of the maker those balls will never fly straight. The competition among the shooters is extremely hard, but so it is between the makers. Excellent repro guns are used during the big week of muzzleloader shooters. This is why we are so proud to every shooter choosing and using our guns at such high level. And winning a medal with a Pedersoli gun is a very strong indication on weather we are on a good road in serving our shooters or not.

But let’s get back to the shooters for a second, as they are primarily the ones responsible for the outstanding achievements. Choosing a firearm starts with a strong trust in the maker long before the shooter will win that medal at the championship. After investing the money into the chosen gun she or he will invest something more valuable also into that work: the time. Time taken from family, taken from work to become competitive on international level. And this is a great responsibility for the maker. This is why we are so proud of every single customer we have, and every singe competitor who chooses to invest in our products.


So first of all we would like to say a great “Thank you!” to all the shooters using Pedersoli guns.

This year’s MLAIC World Championship showed excellent achievements with 4 new individual and 8 new team World Record scores. We are delighted to see that altogether

13 individual and 25 team medals were won with Pedersoli guns.

( 1857Mauser – B.Morges – Swiss match- Mortimer – Le Page – Remington Revolver – B.Bess- An IX – C.Moore etc. )

Our individual gold medalists:

Lorenzoni R: Franz Lospeich (GER) with a Mortimer Shotgun

Pennsylvania R: Walter Massing (GER) with a Swiss Match flintlock rifle

Miquelet R: Leonhard Josef Brader (GER) with a Charleville flintlock musket

Our individual silver medalists:

Manton R: Guy Vigoroux (FRA) with a Mortimer Shotgun

Pennsylvania R: Hans-Peter Rüffenacht (SUI) with a Swiss Match flintlock rifle

Donald Malson R: Adelino Rocha (POR) with a Remington percussion revolver

Frédéric Barbault (FRA) with an 1857 Würtembergischen military rifle

Miquelet R: Peter Käpernick (GER) with a Charleville flintlock musket

Our individual bronze medalists:

Remington R: Rudolph Lambert (BEL) with a Remington percussion revolver

Manton R: Dirk Willms (GER) with a Mortimer shotgun

Lorenzoni R: William Roussel (FRA) with a Mortimer shotgun

Cominazzo R: Ulrich Moser (SUI) with a Charles Moore flintlock pistol

Lamarmora R: Tomas Sramek (SVK) with an 1857 Würtembergischen military rifle

And let’s not forget the 4-6th places. The differences among the first 6 positions are so little in most cases, that the performance of the non medalists must be noted as well. Shooters with Pedersoli guns scored another 7 fourth places, 6 fifth places and 7 sixth places.

Another 23 team medals were won by shooters holding a Pedersoli gun.

Our team gold medalists:

Peterlongo (Mariette team): Belgium (1 Pedersoli Reimngton revolver)

Enfield (Lamarmora team): Germany (1 Pedersoli 1857 Würtembergischen military rifle)

Magenta (Minié team): France (1 Pedersoli 1857 Würtembergischen military rifle)

Alhambra (Granada team): Republic of South Africa (2 Pedersoli Gibbs rifles)

Wogdon (team Cominazzo): Germany (1 Pedersoli LePage flintlock pistol)

Halikko (Miquelet team): Germany (2 Pedersoli Charleville, 1 1777 flintlock musket)

Kossuth (Pennsylvania team): Germany (2 Pedersoli Swiss Match flintlock rifles)

Pforzheim (Vetterli team): Germany (1 Pedersoli Bristlen Morges rifle)

Our team silver medalists:

Wedgenock (Maximilian team): France (1 Pedersoli Mortimer)

Enfield (Lamarmora team): France (1 Pedersoli 1857 Würtembergischen military rifle)

Magenta (Minié team): Germany (1 Pedersoli 1857 Würtembergischen military rifle)

Halikko (Miquelet team): Finland (1 Pedersoli An IX Dragoons, 1 Pedersoli An IX)

El Alamo (Team Malson): Belgium (1 Pedersoli Remington)

Kossuth (Pennsylvania team): United States of America (2 Mortimer flintlock rifles)

Lucca ( Maximilian event ): France ( 1Pedersoli Mortimer )

Our team bronze medalists:

Wedgenock (Maximilian team): Switzerland (1 Pedersoli Mortimer)

Enfield (Lamarmora team): Hungary (1 Pedersoli 1857 Würtembergischen military rifle)

Magenta (Minié team): Austria (1 Pedersoli 1857 Würtembergischen military rifle)

Hawker (Manton team): France (1 Pedersoli Mortimer shotgun)

Wogdon (team Cominazzo): Finland (1 Pedersoli Mortimer flintlock pistol)

Halikko (Miquelet team): Norway (2 Pedersoli Brown Bess, 1 Pedersoli Charleville)

Kossuth (Pennsylvania team): France (2 Pedersoli Swiss Match, 1 Pedersoli Mortimer rifle)

Amazons (Walkyria team): Spain (1 Pedersoli Gibbs rifle)

Batesville (Lorenzoni team): France (2 Pedersoli Gibbs shotgun, 1 Pedersoli Mortimer shotgun)

Lucca ( Maximilian team ) : Switzerland (1 Pedersoli Mortimer)

Dear shooters, participants of the 2014 MLAIC World Championships. We are very proud of you all! Thank you very much for trusting Pedersoli!

Best regards,

Pierangelo Pedersoli