17 simple rules of percussion revolver accuracy


  1. Always do everything the same way.

  2. While developing your load change only one element one time.

  3. Limit your load to the lightest possible still giving a tight group.

  4. Use corn meal filler to lift the ball to the level of the mouth of the chamber.

  5. Use the same volume of corn meal in all the chambers.

  6. Slug your bore and use a ball matching the groove to groove diameter of your bore.

  7. Slug your chambers: it should size the ball close to your groove to groove diameter.

  8. Slug all your chambers: all chambers must have the same diameter.

  9. Check the gap between the barrel breach and cylinder at all the six positions. The size of the gap is secondary. Primary it must be the same at every chamber.

  10. Check the size of the vent holes in the nipples frequently. Change the nipples when the hole is enlarged by 0.1 mm.

  11. Always apply the same force when ramming the ball in place.

  12. Check if your bore is perfectly in line with your chambers.

  13. Use good quality soft lubrication on the balls.

  14. Apply always the same amount of grease.

  15. Use only clean burning good quality black powder.

  16. Weight your bullets and powder charges as well with 0.1 grain accuracy.

  17. If you shoot an open top revolver check if the cylinder axis is not loose, it fits perfectly in the hole on the barrel assembly. Check the wedge after each shot, to have the same gap between the cylinder and barrel breach each time.

23rd Annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match review

Dean Andvik, Kindred, ND, winner of the Pedersoli Quigley rifle
Dean Andvik, Kindred, ND, winner of the Pedersoli Quigley rifle

We are really proud that we can support such excellent sportshooting events like the 23rd Annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match held June14-15, 2014 in Forsythe, MT. These people keep the spirit of those great old times alive. Please let me share with you the letter of Mr. Buz Coker, director of the Match.


“Dear Mr. Pedersoli,
I would like to thank you for your continued generous support of the Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match.  This year’s donation of a Sharps 1874 rifle was one of the finest quality rifles you have provided us yet.  It was a privilege to display it at the match and to present it to the winner at the prize drawings that conclude the match.  The Pedersoli rifle was won by Dean Andvik of Kindred, North Dakota.  He was very pleased at his good fortune as you can see in the picture provided below.

This year’s Quigley Match had 602 shooters competing from 36 different states and three foreign countries (Canada, Australia and Germany).  It was a great success despite starting with a half-day rain delay on the first day of the match.  The Quigley Match continues to be the largest rifle match of its kind in the United States and the unofficial “national championship.”  

Thank you again for your kind support.  Gloria did a wonderful job coordinating the timely delivery of the prize rifle.

                            Buz Coker
                            Quigley Match Director”

The results of the match:

Twenty-Third Annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match

June 14-15, 2014

Sponsored by the Forsyth Rifle and Pistol Club of Forsyth, MT. In attendance were 602 shooters from 36 states and 3 foreign countries. Eight shots were taken at each of six targets from 350 to 805 yards for a possible of 48 hits.

2014 Quigley Match Champion Edward Tilton, Columbia Falls, MT 45 hits

2nd Place Overall Curt Hardcastle, Silver City, NM 43 hits

3rd Place Overall Harlan Sage, Sidney, NE 42 hits

4th Place Overall Ray Hanson, Twin Valley, MN 41 hits

5th Place Overall Corky Atkinson, Malone, WI 41 hits

6th Place Overall Mike Buchholz, Hot Springs, SD 41 hits

7th Place Overall Steve Bockman, Greybull, WY 41 hits

8th Place Overall John Venhous, Sandpoint, ID 41 hits

9th Place Overall Randy Anderson, Miles City, MT 41 hits

10th Place Overall Bruce Stevens, Sheridan, WY 40 hits

International Champion Thomas Buck, Hulben, Germany 34 hits

B Class – 1st Place Ross Christen, Fredericksburg, SD 25 hits

2nd Place Alan Brown, Kinsey, MT 24 hits

3rd Place Brooklyn Tronstad, Baker, MT 24 hits

1st Place Lady (Crazy Cora) Tiffany Sage, Sidney, NE 39 hits

2nd Place Lady Sherri Summers, Geraldine, MT 38 hits

3rd Place Lady DewAnn Smith, Sidney, NE 38 hits

Top Couple Harlan & Tiffany Sage 81 hits

Sidney, NE

Top Father-Son Team Dave & Jared Gamble 74 hits

Forsyth, MT and Sheridan, WY

Top Father-Daughter Team Rick Smith & Laurie Keller 72 hits

Forsyth, MT and Billings, MT

Top Three Generation Team Linda Clendenen, Bill Clendenen 102 hits

and Cash Clendenen

Amidon, ND & Spearfish, SD

Small-Fry (age 12 & below) Jocelyn Rarick, Pine City, MN 31 hits

Junior (age 13-16)

1st Place Savannah Hickey, Baker, MT 34 hits

2nd Place Colton Derenburger, Forsyth, MT 34 hits

3rd Place Evan Martin, Montana City, MT 27 hits

Senior (age 62 & above)

1st Place Curt Hardcastle, Silver City, NM 43 hits

2nd Place Ray Hanson, Twin Valley, MN 41 hits

3rd Place Corky Atkinson, Malone, WI 41 hits

Top Senior Lady Linda Herzog, Great Falls, MT 38 hits

White Buffalo (72 & above) Ken Heier, Bismarck, ND 38 hits

Top Lever Action Rifle Bill Clendenen, Spearfish, SD 35 hits

Top Original Trapdoor Bill Gloor, Billings, MT 35 hits

Top Traditional Ballard Harlan Sage, Sidney, NE 42 hits

Top Scoped Rifle Rick Herzog, Great Falls, MT 40 hits

Top 1st Time at Quigley Ryan Butorac, Kettle Falls, WA 38 hits

Quigley Match Rifle Drawing Winners

All Shooters

Shiloh Sharps Rifle Walt Farmer, Strasburg, CO

Pedersoli Quigley Rifle Dean Andvik, Kindred, ND

Youth Shooters

C. Sharps Arms Rifle Justin Haynes, Billings, MT

Jim Wilcox Memorial Pellet Rifle Jocelyn Rarick, Pine City, MN

Forsyth Rifle Club .22 Rifle Riley Harris, Henry, NE

Congratulation to all participants!