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Shooting the Pedersoli Mortimer flintlock Shotgun

Dear All,

Here is another interesting article from the well known outdoor writer Toby Bridges. Please follow the link to read about the magic of patterning a muzzle loading shotgun for clay target shooting or hunting.

First Shots With The Pedersoli Mortimer Flintlock 12-Gauge Shotgun

The Pedersoli Team


The Pedersoli 12 ga Classic Double Shotgun in action

It is out of question that clay target shooting with friends is an excellent way to spend the day. And of course it adds a lot to the business if it is done with muzzleloading shotguns. In the next video you will find a review of our Classic Doubles 12 ga Shotgun with many good advises how to develop your good load for the old double. Enjoy!