Muskets and light infantry fire

Capandball has just recently published a video series about two iconic muskets of the Napoleonic wars: the 1777 French and the 1798 Austrian musket. The 3 part series introduces their development, history and basic differences and similarities. The 3rd part is about the accuracy of the original service charges. He is using one of our repros in this part to do the heavy load testing.

  • blackpowderbill

    Thank you, I really enjoyed the video!

  • stepmac

    My 1777 French musket is an original that came from a museum in Austria. I figure it was picked up at Waterloo. No color whatsoever. Bore is shootable, but it doesn’t spark very well. I’ll have to see if I can harden the frizzen and shoot it. I don’t think the old gun has been shot since the battle.

    • speakthatruth12

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      stepmac 9 months ago

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